Cuttings Dryer

Cuttings Dryer

Solid Control Equipment

Drilling Cutting Votex Dryer/ Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Product Introduction

The vertical cuttings dryer is aimed to reduce the liquid content of drill cuttings which is safe to discharge to the environment or as preparation for bio-remediation. The typical discharge criteria is expressed as Oil on Cuttings (OOC) or Retained Oil on Cuttings (ROC).

All of our dryers are designed with the dual purpose of reducing waste volumes and recovering fluids. We can help lower your ROC levels to acceptable discharge limits to reduce or eliminate your waste transportation costs. For zero-discharge environments, the lower oil-on-cuttings means less utilization of expensive off-site treatment or disposal, and recovered fluid can help offset final disposal costs.

During drilling operations, the cuttings dryer has proven to reduce oil content to less than 5%, by weight. Its high capacity design is well suited for virtually all drilling conditions. The recovered liquid is typically processed with a decanting centrifuge for additional polishing.The cuttings dryer can also capture and return valuable drilling fluids from the mud losses of the shakers. The returned fluids can be pumped back to the active mud system.


●“G” force of 420 G’s gravity feed

●Pneumatic transfer via cuttings collection and transportation system

●Vacuum transfer

●Screw conveyors

●Proprietary screen design minimizes particle plugging

●Air knife around the unit assists in screen basket cleaning to reduce screen blinding / caking

●Improved rotational balance minimizes wear on rotating parts and lowers noise

●Individual oil lubrication system allows it to work in high temperature environment

●Screw pump is used to clean the dryer unit, preventing the solids accumulations

● installed under the dryer to pick up the dry solids for continues operation

Technical Data

Capacity30~50 Tons/H
Drying EfficiencyOOC ≤ 5%
Screen Max Diameter930mm
Screen Opening0.25/0.35/0.5mm
Rotation Speed900RPM0~900RPM
G Force420 G
Oil Tank Capacity48L
Air Knife Input Pressure0.69Mpa
Air Knife Input Capacity1.8m³/m
Flushing Pump Qty1pcs
Main Motor55Kw (75HP)
Oil Pump0.55Kw(0.75HP)
Flushing Pump Power4Kw(5.5HP)
Ex StandardExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Electric CabinetExdPositive Pressurized

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