Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump


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Product Introduction

Centrifugal pump works by centrifugal movement of water caused by impeller rotation. Before starting, the pump shell and suction pipe must be filled with water, and then the motor is started, so that the pump shaft drives the impeller and water to rotate at high speed, water centrifugal movement occurs, which is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller and flows into the pump's pressure pipeline through the flow channel of the volute pump shell.

The basic structure of centrifugal pump is composed of eight parts: impeller, pump body, pump cover, water retaining ring, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, packing box, axial force balance device. Impeller is the core part of centrifugal pump, which has high speed and large output force. Pump body, also known as pump shell, is the main body of the pump. The utility model has the function of supporting and fixing, and is connected with the bracket for mounting bearings. The function of the pump shaft is to connect the coupling with the motor to transfer the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is the main part of the transmission of mechanical energy. Sealing ring is also called leak reduction ring. Packing box is mainly made up of fillers, which do not allow the flow of water from the pump to the outside or the air from the outside to the pump. Always keep the vacuum in the pump! When the friction between the pump shaft and the filler produces heat, it depends on the water sealing pipe to inject water into the water sealing ring to cool the filler!

In the process of centrifugal pump operation, because the liquid enters the impeller under low pressure and flows out under high pressure, the pressure on both sides of the impeller is unequal, resulting in the axial thrust directed at the inlet direction, which will cause the rotor to move axially, resulting in wear and vibration. Therefore, the axial thrust bearing should be installed to balance the axial force.

Technical Data

Product NameCentrifugal PumpRated Speed1450 r/min
ModelCP250-6×5-11Motor power30Kw 380V/50HZ
Max weight400 Kg[NPSH](m)2.5


200HEAD (m)21
Capacity (m3/h)260

Efficiency (%)62Shaft power18.5

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