Automatic Tank Cleaning

Automatic Tank Cleaning

Auto-Matic Tank Cleaning

Product Introduction

Landa automatic mechanical tank cleaning machine (ATC) for large oil tanks was developed by our company based on years of experience in cleaning large oil tanks. The equipment consists of three systems: mechanical cleaning system, safety assurance system, and logistics maintenance system:

1. The mechanical cleaning system is the main equipment and core equipment for performing oil tank cleaning, including: vacuum suction pump set, heat exchange cleaning pump set, 3D injection unit and pipeline valve group.

2. The safety assurance system is to ensure that the cleaning process is in a safe environment, including: inert gas generator, compressed air unit, flammable gas oxygen detector, toxic gas detector, etc.

3. The logistics maintenance system has the replenishment and maintenance function to ensure the normal operation of the whole system equipment, including: generator set, steam generator, explosion-proof command room, explosion-proof communication, explosion-proof lighting and explosion-proof tools, etc.


Type of Tanks to be CleanedTank CapacityTank Diameter
Gasoline/ Diesel/ Crude / Aviation kerosene/ Edible oil/Chemicals & Petrochemical productMax.150,000m³ Max.100 m
(1,240,000 bbls)(318 ft)

Landa ATC is not affected by weather and temperature, and the tank can be cleaned continuously for 24 hours.

Tank Size to be CleanedCleaning Time Required
5,000 m37-8 days
10,000 m38-10 days
20,000 m3 13-15 days
40,000 m318-20 days
100,000 m325-30 days

Mechanical, fully closed, physical cleaning.

Through our mechanical cleaning system, the crude oil in the tank will be pumped out, and the sludge will be mixed and breaked up by the jetting hot oil. Then the sludge will be recovered, and cleaned by hot water, and all the sludge in the tank will be cleaned to a standard that allows for maintenance and hot work activities on the tank.

This technology is applied to cleaning of large oil storage tanks of all oilfields and oil refineries, recovering 99% of crude oil. It is economical and environment-friendly and tank sludge will be treated in a hazardless way.

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